Trading strategy

How does H-ESpider work?

This strategy is based on harmonic impulses(my personal research).
I believe what we see in forex charts is a combination of harmonic waves and random noises.
For example in real world if we combine 3 harmonic waves we can make a music but final wave(the music) doesn't seem like a harmonic wave. (You can see the final wave in most mp3 players).
In  theory we can split the final wave to initial waves if we know the exact values of each one..

Values we need:
2-Frequency of the pulses(for example drums beat)
3-Strength of the wave

This EA works like a radio.You should set the frequency you need and it scans all pulses to find that station.
If you want to listen to a particular station you don't need to change the frequency of radio. in fact when you find the exact frequency you shouldn't change it any more. 

Back to forex:we assume default values as:

Frequency of the pulses=4X(H4 chart)
I f we have these values as pulses then we may have behind valeus as impulses:

Strength=20-60(TP can be 20-60 pips)

This strategy tries to catch pull backs of the current trend.So when market changes direction very fast- for example beacuse of news or etc- H-ESpider can easily catch the movment.When trend followers lose money in choppy market, H-ESpider can make big profit beacuse of seesaw movments.

Frequency of trades:

H-ESpider is not very active.It trades 4-5 times in a month.


Win rate and DD Periods:

This is a long term strategy with win rate of 50%.

DD periods are normal for every trading strategies.H-ESpider has DD periods too, but recovery is fast.Just run it 24/5 and it can handle all situtaions and make money at the end.

remember that win rate of 50% means 50 wins in 100 trades.It doesn't mean 1 win in 2 trades.consecutive losses is normal for this strategy and you shouldn't be worried about it.Just set suitable risk for that and wait for the profit.


Screen shotes of trades: